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Startup and Operation Modes

On startup Family Key Logger places its icon in the system TaskTray and immediately starts logging all keystrokes to the log file. Later on, you can interact with the program by clicking the right mouse button on the TaskTray icon and selecting an item from the context menu.

Family Key Logger can be run both manually and automatically. The manual startup is usually performed either via the Start menu or by clicking the program's icon on the desktop. To run Family Key Logger automatically on startup, simply check the appropriate option in the Options dialog.

The Stealth (Invisible) Keylogger Mode

Family Key Logger can run in Stealth mode. The program hides its TaskTray icon and becomes invisible to the user.

To switch the program back to the normal mode you should press a hot keys combination. This will display the tray icon again and will let you access the context menu.

You can change the default hot keys combination using Options dialog. You can also set up Family Key Logger in such a manner that it switches to the Stealth mode on startup.

Invisibility options can be set using Options dialog.

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