MicroEar Wireless Mini VHF Receiver

Just insert microEar into your ear canal and you will receive information or prompting at distances up to a mile (depending on transmitter and radio conditions).

A VHF user-specified crystal-controlled receiver available in the range of 138 to 240MHz will receive signals up to several kilometers. Features include an automatic squelch circuit; a high sensitivity superheterodyne circuit which provides maximum receiver sensitivity; a self-adapting filter to reduce background noise; battery life of 15-30 hours and a volume control.

MicroEar Wireless Mini VHF Receiver


NamemicroEar VHF
TypeSingle conversion superheterodyne receiver
Frequency Range138 to 240 MHz
Modulation TypeNB FM max. 5 kHz deviation
Adjacent Channel Rejection> 50 dB (150 kHz spacing)
System Sensitivity (including antenna)E < 2 mV/m for 10 dB SINAD
Antenna Type Internal/magnetic
Batteryzinc-air, type A10 (230) 1.3V
Batterylife 15 to 30 hours
Current Consumption (@ 1.2V)1.5 mA (squelch ON)
3.0 mA (squelch OFF)
Audio Bandwidth200 Hz to 4 kHz
Distortion THD3% max. (3 kHz FM dev. @ 1 kHz)
Audio Output Power
@ 1kHz = f mod and 3 kHz deviation
Vol High: 99 dB SPL
Vol Low: 89 dB SPL
Frequency response: The acoustical frequency response is shaped for maximum speech comprehensibility.
Speaker TypeElectromagnetic
Case Size 17.5 mm length
11 mm wide diameter
5 mm narrow diameter
Weight 1.4 gr. (battery included)

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