Wireless Night Vision Covert Camera

Wireless Night Vision Covert Camera - is a tiny wireless infrared camera with 4 built-in powerful LED's, allowing this ingenious mini camera to see in total darkness.

This wireless camera measures just 19mm x 19mm. It can transmit video and sound directly to your TV or VCR for viewing / recording. It takes a matter of minutes to setup, simply place the spy camera overlooking the location you wish to view, plug the receiver into your TV or VCR. It can also be plugged into a PC with an analogue video capture card.

Wireless Night Vision Covert Camera

It's small enough to be hidden almost anywhere so it is ideal for use as a baby monitor, a birdbox camera or as a covert camera for low light surveillance operations. This infrared camera has a built in transmitter with a range of approximately 100m, dependant on obstructions and is powerful enough to ensure picture quality remains excellent through walls, ceilings and floors.

The spy camera has a high resolution of 380 lines and can be run off either a 9V battery (clip provided) or the AC power adaptor (also provided). The camera can send video for 4 hours non-stop if powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (Duracell/Energizer). No duration limit when using the DC adaptor. Installation is simple and output can be easily recorded with an ordinary VCR without the need for any other accessories. The camera can run 24/7 without overheating.

Package includes:

  • Mini wireless B/W camera with infrared.
  • Wireless receiver (up to 100m range)
  • 9v battery clip
  • 2 DC adaptors (8V for camera, 12V for receiver.)
  • 1 RCA cable
  • 2 battery connectors.
  • Instruction manual


  • Smallest Transmission Camera In The World
  • Wireless Video Transmission & Reception.
  • Small Size & Light Weight.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Long Range wireless receiver.
  • Easy to Install & Operate.
  • Easy to Conceal.
  • Transmitter/Camera Size: 1.9cm (W) 1.9cm (H) 1.9cm (D)

Full Package System Specifications:

  • Range of 100m "straight-line of sight", can go through walls but ranges vary.
  • Resolution is 380 TV lines
  • Output power: 200mW
  • 0 lux minimum illumination.
  • Very small concealable size of 1.9cm cubed.
  • Camera/transmitter operates on one 9V battery or DC 8V adaptor (included).
  • Receiver requires DC 12V adapter (included), output to any VCR or T.V.

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