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Configure Family Key Logger

I. Options

To access Family Key Logger options please select the Options... item from the menu. The Options dialog will appear. Make your changes and press the OK button. If you don't want to save the changes, press the Cancel button.

The options and their descriptions are summarized in the table below.

Option Description
Startup parameters  
Start in hidden mode Check the box to make Family Key Logger run automatically in the Stealth mode on startup.
Hide in process list (for Win9x) Check the box to disable the display of Family Key Logger in the Windows 9x process list.
Autorun at system startup Check the box to run Family Key Logger automatically on Windows startup.
Unhide keystroke Place cursor in this field and press a set of keys that will be used as a hot keys combination to swithch to the Stealth mode and back to normal mode. Please be sure to remember this combination, or you won't be able to gain access to the menu later on.
Remove shortcuts from start menu Removes the Family Key Logger shortcut item from the Windows Start menu. Use this to conceal the fact that Family Key Logger is installed on your computer.
Remove program from uninstall list Removes the Family Key Logger item from the list of installed programs in the Windows Control Panel. Use this to conceal from advanced users the fact that Family Key Logger is installed on your computer.
View log Runs the log file viewer.
Clear log Purges the log file.

II. Menu

You can control Family Key Logger using its menu. To access the menu, right-click the icon in the system tray. If the program runs in the Stealth mode then you need to switch it back to the normal mode by pressing a predefined hot keys combination. The default combination can be changed in the Options dialog.

The following table describes the menu items available.

Menu item Description
View log Runs the log viewer.
Hide icon Switches Family Key Logger to the Stealth mode.
Options... Displays the Options dialog.
About Displays information about the program.
Registration Displays the registration form.
Help Displays the help file you are reading at the moment.
Home page Redirects you to the Family Key Logger's Internet home page.
Subscribe to news Lets you subscribe to news, to get the latest information on Family Key Logger.
Send comments Lets you send your opinions and suggestions via e-mail to the Family Key Logger authors. We highly appreciate your comments as they help us improve our software.
Exit Quits Family Key Logger.

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