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Viewing log file

Family Key Logger writes down the information on keys pressed in any of the running applications to the log file. The log also contains information about the window the key was pressed in and a timestamp. Following is a typical example of a log record:

<--16.08.2002, 15:33. Title:"C:\My Documents\TopSecretFile.txt - SomeTextEditor"-->"
This is my secret report.

To view the log, simply click the Family Key Logger tray icon or select the View log item from the menu to run your default text viewer (usually Notepad). You can also reach the log via the Options window. To do so, select the Options item from the menu and press the View log button in the dialog window that appears.

If Family Key Logger runs in the Stealth mode then the log can only be viewed by someone who knows the combination of hot keys to switch the program back to the normal mode when the icon is displayed in the system tray.

The log file can also be saved as a regular text file to any folder on your hard drive. When you no longer need the information contained in the log, you can purge it. Select the Options... item in the menu and press the Clear log button in the dialog window that appears. After you confirm the operation, the log will be purged.

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