Internet Spy, Freeware

Internet Spy is a tiny freeware utility that continuously monitors every Web page accessed on the computer and makes a chronological record of all visited URLs. Internet Spy is compatible with all version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, it features the ability to automatically load at each system startup and can optionally run in the stealth mode (when this mode is enabled the program is impossible to detect and can run in the background for months absolutely unnoticed by the user).

All visited URLs are written to a plain text file that can be accessed from any other computer in the local network. Internet Spy is an ideal solution for Web activity surveillance that can be used by concerned parents or employers.

Main features of Internet Spy

  • Very ease of use
  • Internet Spy can automatically load at each system startup
  • Small size and low system requirements
  • Internet Spy can run in stealth mode (invisible for everyone)
  • FREE

Internet Spy Quick Start

When you install Internet Spy its icon will appear in the System Tray (next to the clock). The program is ready to work and record addresses of all Web sites visited with Internet Explorer.

You can view the full chronological list of these addresses by right-clicking the program's system tray icon and selecting the View Log command from the menu that appears. A typical record in the log file looks something like this:

[18/12/2002 01:04:17] http://www.spyarsenal.com
[18/12/2002 01:04:22] http://www.spyarsenal.com/internet-spy/
[18/12/2002 01:06:38] http://www.spyarsenal.com/download.html

It contains the date and time when the resource was visited and its full URL. If you want Internet Spy to stay unnoticed, you can hide its icon by selecting Hide Icon from the tray menu. Now the program works in the stealth mode and stays invisible until you press the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I hotkey.

Mark the Autorun option if you want Internet Spy to load on each Windows startup. If you mark the Hide at Startup option, the program will always start in the stealth mode.


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