CCD Night Vision Camera

Wireless, infrared, weatherproof CCD camera and receiver package. This night vision camera can operate in total darkness (0.00 Lux) with the aid of the fitted 30 high power infrared LED's.

A high resolution of 420 TV lines make this an excellent outdoor or indoor security solution

CCD Night Vision Camera

Please note, when the camera is operating in low light/total darkness the images will appear in B/W. During daytime operation images will be in colour. The NV30 offers a "complete darkness" night vision range of approximately 10m.


  • Infrared night vision capable.
  • Wireless video transmission & reception.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Metal weatherproof casing.
  • Easy to install & operate.
  • Camera size : 5.0cm(W) 6.0cm(H) 5.0cm(D). .
  • Range of 100m "clear line of sight".
  • 420 TV lines.
  • Output power : 200mW
  • Low minimum illumination of 0 lux.

Kit Includes:

  • Infrared Wireless Camera.
  • Wireless Receiver.
  • 12V DC Adaptor (x2).
  • AV Cable.
  • Operating Instructions.

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